Welcome to the APOLLO social science research group

We are a team of researchers at Queen Mary University of London, led by Professor Deborah Swinglehurst. Our home is the Centre for Primary Care in the Wolfson Institute of Population Health.

We use qualitative methods to explore and address complex contemporary challenges encountered in health care. We work in primary care and community settings.
Our team has grown over several years since Professor Swinglehurst’s NIHR-funded project APOLLO-MM (Addressing the Polypharmacy Challenge in Older People with Multimorbidity) began in 2016. Several of our projects extend this work and research multimorbidity and polypharmacy. Our interests also include other complex areas of health and health care delivery: technologies in health care; health inequalities; dementia; childhood obesity. We kept the name ‘APOLLO’ since in ancient mythology Apollo was a deity of healing and disease.

Common to all our projects is attention to the moral dimensions of health care and a focus on social practices – an appreciation of health care as a human practice.

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