Evidence on weight stigma is submitted to Food, Diet, and Obesity Committee

By Rebecca Muir

The House of Lords Food, Diet and Obesity Committee recently put out a call for written evidence on ‘the role of foods, such as ‘ultra-processed foods’, and foods high in fat, salt and sugar, in a healthy diet and tackling obesity’.

We were pleased to submit a response discussing our research on governmental obesity policies, and the impacts of weight stigma on people’s health and wellbeing.

We highlighted how current obesity policy and programmes can have potentially harmful social, emotional and physical health impacts on both adults and children who have been identified as ‘overweight’ or ‘very overweight’. 

We discussed Meredith’s meta-ethnography work with Deborah Swinglehurst and Carol Dezateux on the National Child Measurement Programme in England.

Meredith and Rebecca’s submission is available to read on the UK Parliament websitehere.

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