Carer experiences of medication management within General Practice

Led by Sarah Spencer


Carers often feel isolated and unsupported. This affects their mental and physical health. Sarah’s project aims to identify practical ways that carers can be better supported within the community setting. Her specific focus is on interpersonal interactions and help-seeking behaviour in carers looking after individuals affected by polypharmacy.

Sarah is a GP and has experience as a carer. Through this project, funded by the NIHR, she brings her clinical and personal experience to an academic research role. Sarah’s qualitative study involves in-depth narrative interviews with X carers. Analysis of their interviews will lead to the development of ‘trigger’ films. These fictional films will show accounts of carer and health provider interactions about medicines. The trigger films are then used to stimulate a process of co-production. Focus groups of carers will recount real-life stories of experience prompted through watching the fictive films. Sarah has tailored her methods to encourage participants to discuss experiences without inhibition. Carers are often reluctant to divulge personal experiences and this can limit the scope for service improvement. This study will empower carers to identify practical ways to improve partnerships with health providers.

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