Talking medicines: conversations between people with dementia and informal carers

Led by Lucie Hogger


Lucie is a Speech and Language Therapist, now embarking on a doctorate funded by the NIHR. Lucie’s research involves working with people living with dementia and their families and friends. Lucie uses ethnographic, linguistic and diary approaches to explore their experiences of polypharmacy.

Lucie is interested in the multi-modal (verbal and embodied) interactions between people at home and how these interactions shape, and are shaped by, managing many medicines.

The study includes making detailed ethnographic observations at people’s homes and making video recordings of the conversations they have about medicines.  Participants also keep diaries, using writing, voice notes and photography to record events, thoughts and feelings about medicines and how they fit them into their everyday lives.

This project asks:

  • What positions do people with dementia and their informal carers occupy as they go about acquiring, managing and monitoring their many medicines?
  • How are these roles negotiated and renegotiated in the home?
  • What can we learn about medicines taking by looking in detail at the ways in which people talk about it?
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