APOLLO Social Science Podcast
APOLLO Social Science Podcast
Social Representations, Underground Sociabilities, and Participatory Action Research (Natalia Concha)

Social Representations, Underground Sociabilities, and Participatory Action Research


In our fourth episode, we hear from Natalia Concha. Natalia works as a research fellow in the ActEarly programme at the Centre for Primary Care at Queen Mary University of London. Natalia is from Colombia and has a research background in sociocultural psychology. Both of these elements of her background have influenced her approach to health research.

  • 00:00:00 Podcast introduction
  • 00:00:43 Natalia’s research journey so far
  • 00:04:53 Idea 1: Social Representations discussed by Gillespie & Cornish
  • 00:19:41 Idea 2: Psycho-social scaffoldings discussed by Jovchelovitch & Priego-Hernández
  • 00:30:05 Idea 3: Participatory Action Research discussed by de Rough

Gillespie, A., & Cornish, F. (2010). What can be said? Identity as a constraint on knowledge production. Papers on Social Representations, 19(1), 5-1.

Jovchelovitch, S., & Priego-Hernández, J. (2013). Underground sociabilities: Identity, culture and resistance in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. UNESCO, Brazil.

de Roux, G. I. (1991). Chapter 4. Together Against the Computer: PAR and the Struggle of Afro-Colombians for Public Service. In Fals-Borda, O., & Rahman, M. A. (Eds.), Action and Knowledge. Breaking the monopoly with Participatory Action Research. Practical Action Publishing, Rugby (UK).

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